I enjoy free hand drawing . It helps me to express myself when no words are spoken. My drawings make me feel good about myself.


Losing Weight

I am doing well with losing weight. So far I’ve lost over 20 lbs. I’m on a weight loss roll. I just started today with the Walking to Wellness Program. What we do is record our steps that we take with pedometers. We also document what we eat and drink for one week. I’m hoping to lose more weight.  I am happy and feel a lot better now that I’ve lost 20 lbs. plus.


Transform from one to the other,

I once was negative but now positive.

My days grow happier, healthier,

To the transformed person that is,

The new me. Yes, me.

I enjoy life the fullest these days.

God is with me,

guiding me into positive happiness as you can see.

My worries and cares drift away to the past.

To live here today in “Faith” of the Father.

God basically has transformed me from always being negative

to always being positive in the hear and now and yet to come.

Joan Rivers

The Comedian is reportedly on life support . She was placed in a medically-induced coma at Mount Siani Hospital after going into cardiac arrest during an endoscopy at the clininc. She is said to have stopped breathing during the routine procedure. Her daughter Melissa Rivers released a statement on Friday stressing that her mother’s condition remained serious.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey live-tweets protests in Ferguson

In the week since a police shooting that killed an unarmed black teenager, Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) has been a restless diary of theprotests and developments in Ferguson, Missouri.

Among those who have pushed “#Ferguson” and similar terms up trending lists on the site is Jack Dorsey, the billionaire co-founder of Twitter and a St. Louis native.

Since his Friday post “Heading home to Saint Louis,” Dorsey, who goes by @Jack online, has documented and commented on the gatherings and frustrations in the suburban community.

His posts are a mix of his own videos and snapshots, as well as retweets of others’ posts, including political figures.

Many of the videos show the signs carried bydemonstrators, the news conferences that have turned into public forums, and the marches up a main Ferguson street.”And we walk,” Dorsey posted.

Several of his recent posts showed the State Highway Patrol officer who has led security efforts and drawn praise for listening to and marching with demonstrators.

“The crowd constantly siding with Cpt. Johnson,” he wrote of Capt. Ron Johnson. “Amazing and disarming leader.”

Dorsey, who more recently launched mobile payment company Square, has also commented on Gov. Jay Nixon’s decision to impose an overnight curfew. Nixon explained it is intended to halt the late-night violence and looting in which some have participated.

“I know nothing, but this feels like a missed opportunity to trust our people,” he wrote, directing his post to the governor.

Jack Dorsey: Twitter, Square…billionaire

As the curfew hour neared late Saturday, Dorsey urged demonstrators to go home and denied an online rumor that he’d been arrested or detained.

“Finally home,” he wrote later. “See you tomorrow #Ferguson.”

















Community Health Systems, which operates 206 hospitals across the United States, announced on Monday that hackers recently broke into its computers and stole data on 4.5 million patients.

Hackers have gained access to their names, Social Security numbers, physical addresses, birthdays and telephone numbers.

Anyone who received treatment from a physician’s office tied to a network-owned hospital in the last five years — or was merely referred there by an outside doctor — is affected.

The large data breach puts these people at heightened risk of identity fraud. That allows criminals open bank accounts and credit cards on their behalf, take out loans and ruin personal credit history.

The company’s hospitals operate in 28 states but have their most significant presence in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.


Community Health Systems (CYH) hired cybersecurity experts at Mandiant to consult on the hack. They have determined the hackers were in China and used high-end, sophisticated malware to launch the attacks sometime in April and June this year.

The FBI said it’s working closely with the hospital network and “committing significant resources and efforts to target, disrupt, dismantle and arrest the perpetrators.”

Federal investigators and Mandiant told the hospital network those hackers have previously been spotted conducting corporate espionage, targeting valuable information about medical devices.

But this time, the hackers stole patient data instead. Hackers did not manage to steal information related to patients’ medical histories, clinical operations or credit cards.

Still, the lost personal information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the federal health records protection law. That means state attorneys general could sue for damages. Under state laws, patients themselves could sue the hospital network for negligence.

As for exposed victims protecting themselves? There’s little they can do.

Shares of the publicly-traded Community Health Systems edged higher Monday morning. But the company tried to stem worries about the damages in a filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, saying that it “carries cyber/privacy liability insurance to protect it against certain losses related to matters of this nature.”

The hospital network said that just before Monday’s announcement, it managed to wipe the hackers’ malware from its computer systems and implemented protections to prevent similar break-ins.

The company plans to offer identity theft protection to the 4.5 million victims of the data breach.












Aspergers Syndrome and how the Autism Spectrum works

Aspergers Syndrome is the highest functioning part of the autism spectrum. 

Autism Signs and Symptoms

Autism spectrum disorders vary in severity of symptoms, age of onset, and the presence of various features, such as mental retardation and specific language delay. The manifestations of autistic spectrum disorders can differ considerably across individuals and within an individual over time. Even though there are strong and consistent commonalities, especially in social deficits, there is no single behavior that is always typical of autism or any of the autistic spectrum disorders and no behavior that would automatically exclude an individual from diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.

How can I tell if someone I know has autism?

Individuals with autism interact with others differently. They often appear to live a life of isolation, have difficulty understanding and expressing emotion, and may express attachment in a different manner.

Approximately 40 percent of individuals with autism do not speak. Others have echolalia, the repeating of words or phrases over and over. Persons with autism often have difficulty understanding the nonverbal aspect of language such as social cues, body language and vocal qualities (pitch, tone and volume).

Individuals with autism typically have difficulty relating to objects and events and a great need for “sameness” which makes them upset if objects in their environment or time schedules change. Children with autism may not “play” with toys in the same manner as their peers and may become fixated to specific objects.

Persons with autism may greatly overreact to sensory stimuli that they see, hear, touch, feel or taste. They may also not react at all to various stimuli from the environment.

Children with autism often have a different rate of development especially in the areas of communication, social and cognitive skills. In contrast, motor development may occur at a typical rate. Sometimes skills will appear in children with autism at the expected rate or time and then disappear.

Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a lifelong disability that is generally diagnosed before the age of three years old. However, often children are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed until later in life. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents consider the following questions:

Does your child…

  • Not speak as well as his or her peers?
  • Have poor eye contact?
  • Not respond selectively to his or her name?
  • Act as if he or she is in his or her own world?
  • Seem to “tune others out?”
  • Not have a social smile?
  • Seem unable to tell you what he or she wants, preferring to lead you by the hand or get desired objects on his or her own, even at risk of danger?
  • Have difficulty following simple commands?
  • Not bring things to you simply to “show” you?
  • Not point to interesting objects to direct your attention to objects or events of interest?
  • Have unusually long and severe temper tantrums?
  • Have repetitive, odd, or stereotypic behaviors?
  • Show an unusual attachment to inanimate objects, especially hard ones (e.g., flashlight or a chain vs. teddy bear or blanket)?
  • Prefer to play alone?
  • Demonstrate an inability to play with toys in the typical way?
  • Not engage in pretend play (if older than 2 years)?

What to do if you think your child has autism

Autism is a spectrum disorder and it affects each individual differently and at varying degrees – this is why early diagnosis is so crucial. Autism is a lifelong condition, but early action can make it less devastating.

The death of Robin Williams

I’ve been reading up on the triggers of his death. From what I understand…. Robin had the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.  He also had mental health problems. You know….. mental illness and the reasoning behind it is very difficult to those who have and are experiencing it.  There’s something else. They say that folks that suffer from mental illness have 25  years less to live due to medications, weight issues due to psych medication. Suicide is no joke. A lot of mentally ill people commit suicide because they have a short fuse for patience.


I advocate and fight for client’s right in mental health. There is a lot of stigma out in society.  Either there’s a lack of understanding or training in the mental health field. My opinion is that I feel that in all careers that involve medical, mental health, public safety should be trained and to learn more about folks that suffer with mental illness. I’ve run into some ignorant doozies in my day. Especially with police and hospital security. Hospital security thinks it’s funny when patients lose self control over their emotions. The police, some officers like to poke fun of folks that have mental health issues. I’m particularly not too fond of the way hospital security and some police officers present themselves to the mentally ill. The ignorance has got to go.