Angels are beautiful,

in every way.

They guide me every day.

As I sit down and pray,

my faith will stay with me in and never go awayy,

I talk to the angels,

as they all are my friend.

I fear not!


Severe Depression/ Robin Williams vs. Folks that suffer from mental illness

Today is a sad day.

Got news of Robin William’s death.

This is just to show you what severe depression can do to the human mindIt’s not  fun and it’s very scary.

I myself am living with severe depression as well as Aspergers Syndrom

which is the higher functioning part of the autism spectrum.

I live my life  stably.

It’s not easy to live day to day as depression sneaks up on me.



         I enjoy the summertime,

The warm air and light wind,

One the beach I sit,

Watching sail boats, people swimming,

The flock of seagulls ,

soaring through the air,

Sounding their beckoning call.

The sand silky warm,

as I lay on the beach,

to get a tan.

The Love That Once Was

Ooh lonely soul, 

        So sad and glum, 

        The love for you,

  once was is done.

The anger that you showed me,

I’m not to blame as you see.

I went through mental and emotional abuse,

the love that once was , 

By you was misused.